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Dave’s 1st Birthday!

Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you all to…1 year old Dave! Today is Dave’s birthday, and is the day that I no longer have a something-month-old puppy but a 1-year-old dog. I half hoped to wake up to a relaxed, calm, well-behaved dog who walks in a straight line and doesn’t pull on his leash…alas that did not happen. Instead, I was woken up by a ball of fur who wanted a cuddle on the bed as he was still tired from his birthday party the night before. Of course, we celebrated in style with a black and white themed gathering, including banners, balloons and black & white snacks.

Dave all dressed up!

Dave all dressed up!


Celebrating with his family!

Celebrating with his family

Dave is very grateful for all of the wonderful gifts he received, and particularly enjoyed dressing up in his own costume for the night! The thing I’m most grateful for is that Dave most likely didn’t ingest any of the rat poison that was left out on┬áthe patio of a coffee shop, and that the hour at the vets before the party and associated bill are probably for nothing. Dave is wonderful at picking his timing for these things…but we are really just glad he’s OK. Dave’s party was also an opportunity to debut a little video of his first year, so please enjoy the highlights below. Here’s to another year, Dave!