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The To-Do List of all To-Do Lists

With seven weeks and two days left until I leave the country, and three weeks and two days until I leave my flat and job to go and stay with my parents for Christmas (not that I’m counting of course), it’s about time I started doing things.  I’m a great believer in lists (ticking off accomplished tasks makes me feel better about having lots to do), and a move such as this requires the ultimate of to-do lists.

I’m sure this list will change dramatically in the next month as unforeseen things get added and unnecessary tasks get removed, but here is version 1.0, nicely divided into areas of my life:

My Flat

  • Hand in written notice to lettings agent one month prior to move-out date (tick)
  • Get reference from lettings agent (scan and save)
  • Get reference from previous landlord/housemates (scan and save)
  • Cancel electricity (tick)
  • Cancel council tax (tick)
  • Cancel TV license (and get refund)
  • Cancel Sky (TV and internet) (tick)
  • Cancel BT line rental (tick)
  • Cancel contents insurance
  • Book professional cleaning

My Car (actually my boyfriend’s, so I don’t have to do much in this section)

  • Sell or store car (decide which!)
  • Book service/MOT
  • Cancel car insurance

My Job

  • Hand in written notice to line manager (tick)
  • Get reference from manager and other partners I’ve worked with
  • Make a note of contact details for key work contacts
  • Write my Canadian resume (more than one, tailored to job areas)
  • Send CV to recruitment agencies in Vancouver, and arrange appointment for January
  • Search and apply for jobs
  • Send off speculative applications to companies I’d like to work for

Every list has to start somewhere...

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“I’ve got some exciting news…”

I didn’t think I’d be writing this post just yet, but this week I told my manager that I will be leaving work at Christmas.  I didn’t actually hand in my notice as I only have to give one month in writing (and I’ve got 2 months, 2 weeks and 1 day until I leave….but who’s counting?) however I made the decision to give informal, advanced notice to my colleagues.

I initially wasn’t planning on saying anything until the end of October at least, but I was keen to give my department time to start the recruitment process for my replacement as early as possible and ensure that a comprehensive handover procedure can be put into place.  That and I’d already told a few of the colleagues I’m closest to, word was starting to spread, and the thought of my managers finding out from someone else other than me scared me into making a snap decision.

How not to tell your manager...

It wasn’t the best timing I admit.  We recently lost three staff in a spate of voluntary redundancies, one colleague is leaving at Christmas to go on maternity leave, and another handed in her notice this week to also leave at Christmas.  However, I took the plunge and went for the ‘I’ve got some exciting news..!’ approach, rather than starting with an apology and coming across as negative from the outset.  Luckily it paid off, my manager was incredibly supportive of my decision, and very happy for me.  She has worked abroad herself, so fully understood my reasons for wanting to leave, and instantly gave me so much helpful advice.

Now it’s out in the open it is somewhat of a relief, but has also made my dream of two years seem rather more real.  For the first time the nerves are starting to kick in, and I’m beginning to realise how quickly the next 2 months, 2 weeks and 1 day are going to fly by.  On that note, I’d better get back to work…