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Permanent Residency: The Final Stage?

Nearly four months have passed since the trauma of undergoing my immigration medical for my Permanent Residency application, and it seems that the end is now in sight! At the end of February I received an email from my new best friend, Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CiC), letting me know that ‘The processing of my application for permanent residence in Canada is almost complete.’ YEY!

A very welcome email...

After reading the email all the way through, I was so excited to see that only five relatively small tasks were standing between me and my illustrious Permanent Resident card:

  • Family Composition – “Has your family composition changed since our last correspondence?” i.e. Am I still in a common-law relationship with the person listed in my application? This was an easy one to evaluate (yes I am!), and as this means that no action is required, 1.5 seconds later I was ready to move onto the next step.
  • Right of Permanent Residence Fee – “Every principal applicant and his/her accompanying spouse/common law partner are required to pay a Right of Permanent Residence Fee (RPRF) in the amount of 490 Canadian dollars. The RPRF is a separate fee that must be paid in addition to the processing fees that you have already paid.” Yes, this means paying ANOTHER $980 total (for two of us), though as this is the final fee it’s one I’m more than willing to pay! The payment was easy to make by credit card through the CiC website, and I emailed the proof of payment to them immediately.
  • Passport Scan – “You are exempted from obtaining a visa to visit Canada under Regulation 190 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act; therefore you do not need to submit original passports to finalize your application.” Good news! Instead, we just had to print off a scanned copy of each of our passport photo pages, which we have  a stock of after so many visa applications.

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