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2013: Keeping Things Simple

2013 is a new year, and with every new year comes new year’s resolutions. This year I’ve cut my list down to six things I’d like to focus on and I’ve kept them relatively simple. I’m not a big fan of odd numbers, so I’m slightly anxious about being 25 in 2013. Here’s hoping that my weird phobia is just that…weird and unnecessary. 

1. Drink less diet coke

Those of you who know me are well aware that I’m not a big alcoholic drinker, though this isn’t always the healthy choice when the alternative is pints of sugary rubbish. Last year I gave up regular coke for diet coke, though the North American tradition of free refills means that I’ll often get through four or five glasses of the bad stuff in an evening. Granted; most of each glass is ice, but the aspartame (E961) still adds up. This year I’m going to cut down even more and switch my diet coke for soda water & cranberry juice. It’s nowhere near as sweet, but I know I can condition myself to get used to it. If you see me out in a bar, please check my glass!

2. See more of Canada

This resolution might look familiar, as it took pride of place on last year’s list. I didn’t meet my goal of visiting the Rockies in 2012, but I’m hoping to get there this year. I’m also committing to making the most of my transit pass and exploring Greater Vancouver more. This part should be slightly easier than travelling across the country and will make sure I discover what’s on my doorstep.

3. Document my year with pictures

I was lucky enough to receive a brand new camera from Santa this year, and I can’t wait to put it to good use. What better excuse to get out in the fresh air and see the city and country I live in? I’d love to learn more about how to use my new toy properly, so I’ll look into some lessons for both taking and editing photos. Stay tuned for some new images in 2013!


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