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The first Vancouver snow of the winter!

I should have written this post two weeks ago, when the snow was actually here. Instead, I was mostly running around the seawall being really excited about winter and Christmas. I know it sounds crazy being excited about snow when I live in Canada, but when it comes to the white stuff I might as well be back in Southampton. We hardly EVER get snow, so it’s kind of a big deal when it happens. SO much so that I forgot to write this post. Then the snow went, December happened and life got in the way. Oooops.

It’s been weirdly mild this week (the temperature is back in double figures) and although the warmer temperatures are nice, it’s ruling out any chance of the current torrential rain turning into snow. There’s now less than two weeks until I’m back at the Washington State cabin for Christmas so it better get colder soon, at least south of the border, so we can have our white Christmas. Until then, I’ll remember the blissful two days when we had snow in November.

The (somewhat) snowy view from our building when we woke up

Dave and I by False Creek

Dave snug as a bug in his jacket!

James and Dave walking along the seawall

False Creek seawall in the snow

Dave’s 1st Birthday!

Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you all to…1 year old Dave! Today is Dave’s birthday, and is the day that I no longer have a something-month-old puppy but a 1-year-old dog. I half hoped to wake up to a relaxed, calm, well-behaved dog who walks in a straight line and doesn’t pull on his leash…alas that did not happen. Instead, I was woken up by a ball of fur who wanted a cuddle on the bed as he was still tired from his birthday party the night before. Of course, we celebrated in style with a black and white themed gathering, including banners, balloons and black & white snacks.

Dave all dressed up!

Dave all dressed up!


Celebrating with his family!

Celebrating with his family

Dave is very grateful for all of the wonderful gifts he received, and particularly enjoyed dressing up in his own costume for the night! The thing I’m most grateful for is that Dave most likely didn’t ingest any of the rat poison that was left out on the patio of a coffee shop, and that the hour at the vets before the party and associated bill are probably for nothing. Dave is wonderful at picking his timing for these things…but we are really just glad he’s OK. Dave’s party was also an opportunity to debut a little video of his first year, so please enjoy the highlights below. Here’s to another year, Dave!

Dave by Numbers: New Puppy Comes Home!

This post is possibly the one I’ve been the MOST excited to write. It joins such life events as ‘arriving in Canada’ and ‘getting Permanent Residency’ in the Lizzie’s Greatest Moments Hall of Fame. This post is all about Dave. For many of you reading this, Dave needs no introduction. He has existed in our minds since summer 2012 (way, way before he was a twinkle in anyone’s eye) and finally came home with us on November 2nd, 2013. Our first few weeks together have been interesting, challenging, tiring and awesome, and I’m excited to share this video and Dave’s story.


310 – The number of miles we drove from Vancouver to Portland (and then back again) to collect Dave. The border delays and traffic on the journey down were so bad that it look 10 hours to get to our hotel. So much for my tax-free shopping. Despite this, we saved over $1200 compared to the cost of buying a puppy from Canada. Plus all that money I would have spent in Macy’s…

0645 – The time in the morning that we collected Dave from his breeder. Our meeting place was a deserted car park outside her work, and it was still so dark at that time in the morning. I was really nervous about the initial meeting, but as he bounded across the tarmac to us we knew instantly that he was Dave! He was friendly and affectionate and didn’t whimper at all when we settled him in the car. Apart from a terrifying case of the hiccups, Dave’s journey home was calm, quiet and mostly nap-filled.

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All Change, All Change, All Change!

The fact that it’s been six weeks since my last post is an indicator of just how busy this summer has been. I had an amazing three weeks with my in-laws from mid-Wales, and enjoyed a whole month without rain. I visited Astoria, Cannon Beach and Gibsons (twice). I hiked the BCMC trail, ate brunch on Main Street and took advantage of Earl’s Mexican Bulldog Mondays – all for the first time.  I continued my summer traditions of reading magazines on the balcony, drinking coffee on the seawall and enjoying a cocktail in the gorgeous Reflections bar. Now Labour Day is here, and it’s time for me to start looking forward into fall. Usually I’d be disappointed that summer is coming to an end, but the last few months of 2013 (and beyond) are just holding way too many fun things for me to even think about the post-sunshine blues. Here’s a taster of what’s in store for me between now and the C word (Christmas, of course…).

1. Reconciliation Week – September 16th – 22nd 

Those of you who read my post on my new job at Reconciliation Canada will know that the week commencing September 16th is a big one in my calendar. Reconciliation Canada is hosting three major events during Reconciliation Week, including a traditional burning ceremony (Monday 16th), a visually stunning canoe gathering (Tuesday 17th), and top top it off, the biggest event of all: the 50,000 participant Walk for Reconciliation & A New Way Forward Celebration (Sunday 22nd). My job has been to lead the recruitment, scheduling, on-boarding and training of almost 1,000 volunteers who will make these events happen. With less than three weeks to go until it’s all over, the busyness starts now. On a related note, today is where my social life ends for a while…see you all on September 23rd (unless you’re someone who believes in renewing relationships among all Canadians, in which case I’ll see you at our Reconciliation Week events, won’t I?)! As I also mentioned in my previous blog post, my contract will be ending at the end of September, and I’ll be looking for another job. I’m not in a huge rush (mainly due to the length of this list), but there are couple of potential options floating around that I’m really excited about. Watch this space.

Join us in the Walk for Reconciliation on September 22nd in Downtown Vancouver

Join us in the Walk for Reconciliation on September 22nd in Downtown Vancouver

2. New Apartment – October 1st

After two years in our beloved Downtown apartment, we’re officially on the hunt for a new home from October 1st. We’re looking to stay in the Downtown core (Yaletown to West End) as we love our location so much, except this time it needs to be a pet friendly building (more to come on that). We’ve been scouring craigslist on the half hour, every half hour, and have a number of viewings lined up this week. We’re hoping to get somewhere sorted in the next week or so while I have evening hours available to look at places, otherwise the madness of Reconciliation Week will kick in and the manfriend will be searching solo. Pet friendly places are generally more rare of than their no-pet counterparts, and the laws of supply and demand have therefore driven the prices up substantially. Saying that, we’re really pleased with the viewings we’ve been able to secure this week, and have everything crossed that we find somewhere soon. We’ll really miss our current place, but are looking forward to moving somewhere unfurnished that we can customize just as we like. Wish us luck!

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