Dave by Numbers: New Puppy Comes Home!

This post is possibly the one I’ve been the MOST excited to write. It joins such life events as ‘arriving in Canada’ and ‘getting Permanent Residency’ in the Lizzie’s Greatest Moments Hall of Fame. This post is all about Dave. For many of you reading this, Dave needs no introduction. He has existed in our minds since summer 2012 (way, way before he was a twinkle in anyone’s eye) and finally came home with us on November 2nd, 2013. Our first few weeks together have been interesting, challenging, tiring and awesome, and I’m excited to share this video and Dave’s story.


310 – The number of miles we drove from Vancouver to Portland (and then back again) to collect Dave. The border delays and traffic on the journey down were so bad that it look 10 hours to get to our hotel. So much for my tax-free shopping. Despite this, we saved over $1200 compared to the cost of buying a puppy from Canada. Plus all that money I would have spent in Macy’s…

0645 – The time in the morning that we collected Dave from his breeder. Our meeting place was a deserted car park outside her work, and it was still so dark at that time in the morning. I was really nervous about the initial meeting, but as he bounded across the tarmac to us we knew instantly that he was Dave! He was friendly and affectionate and didn’t whimper at all when we settled him in the car. Apart from a terrifying case of the hiccups, Dave’s journey home was calm, quiet and mostly nap-filled.

0 – The number of inspections of Dave at the border coming back in to Canada. Apparently he’s so cute he’s allowed to drive on in.

160 – The number of poop sacks we’ve gone through since bringing him home. He is a pooping machine!

2 – The number of baths he’s had so far. The first was more about getting him used to the water, and he spent half of the time trying to climb out of the bathtub. The second was out of necessity after Dave slipped and fell in some other dog’s poop at the park. He enjoyed this one much more!

14 – The number of hours Dave sleeps every day. He no longer whines when getting into his crate at night, and sleeps straight through until about 8am. He naps for a lot of the morning, and some of the afternoon. The evening is his awake/hyper/chewing time!

3 – The number of meals he eats a day. The food his breeder fed him is an American brand that we couldn’t find in Canada, so we switched him to a locally available organic mix. The new food hasn’t gone down to well (Dave is rebelling against the Yaletown Organic Maffia) so we’ve put in a special order for his American brand to try and…settle things.

11 – Dave’s age in weeks when we brought him home. Most puppies come home at 8 weeks, but we waited until he was 11 weeks because of our Hawiian vacation. I was initially worried that those three crucial weeks would impact his ability to bond with us, and that we’d miss out on him being tiny. When we first met him, I couldn’t believe how small he was, and we’ve had no trouble bonding at all. If anything, getting a puppy who is a little bit older meant he was that much further along with house training and obedience.

1.5 – The average number of minutes that go by outside before someone a) tells us how cute Dave is b) asks to pet him c) asks to smell him (yes, that happened) or d) picks him up (that one was today, and she was 4).  I used to think it was cute, but the sheer amount of time it takes to actually get anywhere is getting annoying. He loves the attention, so no chance of it stopping any time soon.

26 – The number of days until we take Dave back across the border into the States for Christmas. We’re going to a cabin at Mount Baker, and can’t wait for him to see snow for the first time!

I could go on, and there’s no doubt that this post will be the first of many about our new little family member. Until then, enjoy the video!


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I'm originally from the UK and have been working and living the dream in Vancouver, BC, since January 2011. I am a firm believer in travel, good cheese, volunteering and community engagement.

4 responses to “Dave by Numbers: New Puppy Comes Home!”

  1. andywilson says :

    Very much a Cat person, but Dave is awesome

  2. Holly in Wanderlust says :

    Love this little memoir to the beginning of Dave! He seems like such a character 🙂

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