A Birthday Surprise

I’ve always wanted to plan one of those big surprise arrivals that makes people cry, and living in Vancouver over my Mum’s 50th birthday, my Dad’s 50th birthday and my brother’s University graduation from Oxford was the perfect opportunity to come home and try it. I’m writing this post less than 24 hours after arriving and can safely say it went well. Tears well.

Knock knock…..Surprise!

I’d been thinking of coming home since this time last year, and booked my tickets in April. After opening a new bank account and credit card I had enough Avios to book a return trip to London and just pay the taxes, and this seemed like a good time to use it. It also gave me an excuse to splash out on a small upgrade to the BA version of Premium Economy which was definitely worth the extra legroom. I timed the flights to arrive on my Mum’s birthday and leave the day after my Dad’s birthday 9 days later, and let my brother know early on what I was planning. He not only did a fantastic job of keeping schtum, but also booked me a ticket for his graduation ceremony and planned a trip back home to coincide with my arrival at the airport so he could collect me on the way. I’d seen my parents just a month before when I went to visit them on vacation in San Francisco, and it was there that I broke the news to my Dad. He encouraged me to keep it a surprise for my Mum and helped me plan my trips to London, Southampton and Cambridge to see my friends.

Everything went smoothly on arrival day. My brother was at the airport to pick me up just minutes before I came through arrivals and we stopped off about 15 minutes away from home to re-arrange the car and hide my suitcase. Once we arrived at the village where my parents live, I got out of the car round the corner from the house and waited until everyone was inside before creeping up the driveway and ringing the doorbell. My parents only recently moved into their new house so I hadn’t been to the there before and was worried I’d knock on the wrong door. Luckily that didn’t happen, and my Mum was shocked and surprised to see me standing on the doorstep clutching a bunch of flowers. The best part was that I also got to surprise my Grandparents who arrived for lunch today. There were more smiles, more tears, and I definitely got to achieve my ambition of really surprising someone special. Now to spend the next 9 days eating cheese, buying cheap clothes and enjoying my vacation.

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About MarmitetoMaple

I'm originally from the UK and have been working and living the dream in Vancouver, BC, since January 2011. I am a firm believer in travel, good cheese, volunteering and community engagement.

7 responses to “A Birthday Surprise”

  1. wanderoneday says :

    This is wonderful! I did this once for my mom, except my family actually had to pick me up at the airport an hour away from home. My dad tricked my mom by saying he had to pick up a package from work, and my brother distracted her as I was walking up to the car – she didn’t even see me until I knocked on her window! It’s fun to give people happy surprises like that!

  2. hito86 says :

    It is always nice to surprise indeed. I have christmas surprise planned out for 2013 (If I do not have to work it!). How was BA premium economy?

    • marmitetomaple says :

      It was good, though not as great as I hoped. The legroom was a huge improvement and the food was delicious. I was disappointed with the seat as it didn’t actually recline that far back, and the super supportive headrests you get in economy are actually far more comfortable. It’s worth the upgrade if you get a good deal on it, but not the full price, in my opinion.

      My fingers are crossed for your 2013 surprise working out! 🙂

      • hito86 says :

        Ah! Thanks for the reply. I see.
        I have already booked my flight, but i have not booked any seats as of yet. It is a vicious circle of waiting for the prices to come down or to wait until the day of check-in in order to get the WTP seats!! I am just unsure of what to do really. It is suggesting I pay £300 for WTP seats and thats too much! :-). Though I might go ahead and book a twin seat and pray to baby jesus that I sit next to a nice person! :).

        Thanks, I hope so too! :-).

      • marmitetomaple says :

        I personally wouldn’t pay $500 for WTP, but I did pay $250 so you might get a last minute deal off from BA like I did!

        I usually travel with my boyfriend but for this trip I was by myself and it really wasn’t so bad. Just take snacks and plan your movie viewing in advance 🙂

      • hito86 says :

        Indeed..I hope ill get a last minute deal 🙂 might just pre order some twin seats on BA since its 747, some are at the back 🙂 . Thanks again for the info ^.^

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