You CAN be a cool kid…

The first time I strapped my shaking and slightly numb feet into a snowboard, I was a 16 year old sixth form student trying something new on a school trip. My friend and I decided to rock the boat and snowboard by ourselves instead of ski with the rest of our group. We wanted to be the cool kids, and we sure felt cool riding (read: tumbling) down the slopes of Austria. The bruises, the pain and the inability to sit down for a month were worth every second of my five days on the snow, which living in the UK was the most I was entitled to. I knew my vision of becoming a professional snowboarder was blurry at best, but I would have done anything to settle for even owning a board of my own. Eight years later, and today was the day I finally walked into The Boardroom on West 4th Avenue, and purchased my very own 2009 Rossingol Amber, less than half price in the clearance section. I will admit to having a girl moment and buying the pretty bindings instead of the functional ones (who could resist a colour called Cherrybomb?), but I can’t wait to try them out this weekend.

There's someone I'd like to introduce you to, and her name is Amber...

This post isn’t really about me fulfilling a dream of buying a snowboard, it’s about me fulfilling a dream. Period. I know everything I write seems to be telling people to live their dreams and do things they always wanted to, but this time I really mean it. That thing you thought you would never be able to do…why can’t you? I didn’t decide to move my life half way across the world just so I could be within 30 minutes of a mountain and therefore justify buying a snowboard. That’s not my message; the big move was something I planned to do anyway. The newly purchased snowboard was an innocent bystander in my Canadian adventure, and I’d forgotten how much I really, really wanted to own one until I watched the incredibly helpful girl in the shop wrestle with my Cherrybomb bindings. I was so focussed on everything else I’ve been working towards that I completely forgot about my original, smaller and (some may say) more realistic goal. Now I’ve remembered, I’m not going to let go of this creeping sense of euphoria until this post is published and I’ve done my bit to convince you all to get out there and TRY. You don’t even have to achieve anything, just try. In the words of Dr. Pepper himself, what’s the worst that could happen? One day you could end up being one of the cool kids too. Maybe I’ll let you join my gang…


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About MarmitetoMaple

I'm originally from the UK and have been working and living the dream in Vancouver, BC, since January 2011. I am a firm believer in travel, good cheese, volunteering and community engagement.

2 responses to “You CAN be a cool kid…”

  1. travelingmad says :

    🙂 Congratulations on your move and snowboard!

    I’m trying to be a cool kid myself. I moved from home to Europe for a few years and I love the experience. I try to encourage others to get out there and try new things too. You never know when and if the opportunity will come again so we have to live for today!
    Bon Courage.

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