The To-Do List of All To-Do Lists: Version 1.1

With one week and six days until my flight (eeeeeeek!), the time has come to update the to-do list of all to-do lists that I introduced you to last month.  It’s been a busy end to December, what with finishing work, moving out of my flat and of course Christmas, so I was a bit apprehensive about re-visiting the list.  Despite the constant, gnawing feeling that I’m incredibly behind and must have forgotten something, the list looks much healthier than it did last time I checked:

My Flat

  • Hand in written notice to lettings agent one month prior to move-out date (tick)
  • Get deposit back
  • Get reference from lettings agent (scan and save)
  • Get reference from previous landlord/housemates (scan and save)
  • Cancel electricity (tick)
  • Cancel council tax (tick)
  • Cancel TV license (tick)
  • Cancel Sky (TV and internet) (tick)
  • Cancel BT line rental (tick)
  • Cancel contents insurance (tick)
  • Book professional cleaning (fail – company didn’t answer the phone)

My Car (actually my boyfriend’s, so I don’t have to do much in this section)

  • Sell or store car (decided to store)
  • Book service/MOT (tick – extra point for passing!)
  • Cancel car insurance (tick)

My Job

  • Hand in written notice to line manager (tick)
  • Get reference from manager and other partners I’ve worked with (mostly ticked – just waiting for manager)
  • Make a note of contact details for key work contacts
  • Write my Canadian resume (more than one, tailored to job areas) (tick)
  • Send CV to recruitment agencies in Vancouver (half ticked – I’ve started)
  • Search and apply for jobs (tick – I applied for one)
  • Send off speculative applications to companies I’d like to work for

    Thing: EVERYTHING!

My Health

  • Make a doctor’s appointment for necessary prescriptions (tick)
  • Make a dentist appointment for check up and necessary treatment (tick)
  • Make an optician’s appointment for updated eye test (tick)
  • Purchase new glasses I can actually see out of (tick)
  • Cancel optician’s direct debit (tick)
  • Stock up on contact lenses (tick)

My Finances

  • Change address of bank accounts to my parents’ house (tick)
  • Order new cheque books (not necessary – found cheque books when moving)
  • Check to see if new bank cards expire soon, order new ones if necessary (tick)
  • Close any unused bank accounts
  • Print off and store final bank statements
  • Order Canadian dollars/travellers cheques

Misc Bits

  • Buy an address book and write down key contacts (tick to the buying, not to the writing)
  • Sort various paperwork (final bills etc.) into nice neat box file to leave with parents
  • Redirect/cancel magazine subscriptions (tick)
  • Look into redirecting mail (tick – and redirected for one month)

I’ve still got enough final tasks to keep me busy over the next one week and six days (EEEEEK!), however the reward for my hard work will be gratefully received in the form of yet to arrive refunds from BT (£21.26), Southampton City Council (£40) and South Lettings (£362.50).  I’ve started measuring all income in terms of ski lift passes, but even 11 days on Grouse Mountain won’t change the nightmare that is the-packing-of-the-single-suitcase.

Although I left Southampton with only one car load of possessions the move wasn’t exactly stress free; the ‘adverse weather conditions’ turned a three hour journey home into a ten and a half hour quest for shelter, made all the more uncomfortable by the large pink glass vase on my lap and bag of coat hangers sticking into my right temple.

I’m going to leave the-packing-of-a-single-suitcase until as late as possible, and I fear this may require an even longer list – the list to end ALL lists…


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I'm originally from the UK and have been working and living the dream in Vancouver, BC, since January 2011. I am a firm believer in travel, good cheese, volunteering and community engagement.

2 responses to “The To-Do List of All To-Do Lists: Version 1.1”

  1. hollykmc says :

    I will be using this!! So helpful.

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