All I want for Christmas…

Being that it’s Christmas Eve and all, I thought I’d get in the festive spirit by sharing my Christmas wishes.  I’m lucky enough to have been born in mid-December, so my list of presents gets to be twice as long, and this year it has a very distinct theme – if it can’t fit in my suitcase it won’t get under the tree.

Roxy Terry Snow Boots – These après ski boots have solved the one eternal dilemma that Ugg and Emu failed to do, and manage to keep one’s feet warm and above all dry in the rain or snow.  A must for Vancouver.

Roxy Fleece-lined Jacket – Also essential for Canada, and the one I chose is nice and bright too.

Roxy Iceberg Jacket, James and James Clothing

Roxy Backpack – As well as continuing the noticeable theme, a backpack is going to be far more useful for hand luggage, snowboarding, hiking and general outdoor activities than the Cath Kidston handbag that also made the list.

Padlocks – A bit of a boring one, but padlocks are necessary for securing one’s suitcase, as well as hostel lockers.

Skype Headset – 2011 is going to be the year of Skype for me, so I need a headset to be able to use it.  The one I asked for was Bluetooth and wireless so I can walk around whilst chatting.

Towel – Not very glamorous, but I’m going to need one of these so it might as well be a nice, fluffy, new one.

Roxy Terry Snow Boots, James and James Clothing

Phone Card – It might take me a while to sort out the internet and figure out Skype, so in the meantime I’ll have a pre-loaded phone card to call home from any payphone, mobile or landline.  It took me quite a bit of searching but I went for the World Access card.

Plug Adaptors – No further explanation needed.

Toiletries – Although some things are worth waiting until you get there to buy, toiletries in Canada are surprisingly more expensive than over here.  Not overly exciting but if you must take shampoo, conditioner, shower gel etc., why not invest in some good quality products to keep you smiling through the hostel shower?

Chocolate – Being a girl I can’t go without the stuff for longer than a week, and I’ve heard awful things about Cadbury’s in Canada so definitely intend on taking a good few bars with me.

Will Fergusson, Why I Hate Canadians

In-flight Entertainment – When it comes to planes I’m more of a books and magazines person than a travel games person, and a good friend was kind enough to give me a copy of ‘Why I Hate Canadians’ by Will Fergusson.  It’s a tongue-in-cheek account of Canada and Canadians (Fergusson is Canadian himself), and a great gift for anyone going to live there.

Guide Book – Keeping with the book theme, a guide book is a must.  Although I’ve read nearly every Vancouver book under the sun, not everyone is as mentally organised as I am when it comes to researching the area they’re travelling to. Whether you prefer Lonely Planet, Rough Guides, Footprint or any other travel company, they make a great gift.

Now I didn’t say this was going to be a fun list, but there you have a little insight into my stocking fillers this year.  Now, have a wonderful Christmas and I’ll see you on the other side of the turkey…


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I'm originally from the UK and have been working and living the dream in Vancouver, BC, since January 2011. I am a firm believer in travel, good cheese, volunteering and community engagement.

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