Useful Resources #3 – The Sensible Girl’s Guide to Emigrating Elegantly

Sally Corner, The Sensible Girl’s Guide to Emigrating Elegantly (London: A & C Black, 2010)

The Sensible Girl’s Guide to Emigrating Elegantly is genuinely unique in its approach to emigration, focussing on the ‘fun, fabulous and feminine’ aspects in addition to the decidedly less so.  As the title suggests it’s written for females, and covers key emigration issues such as what to do if your friends react badly to your leaving, what to wear to the airport and how to deal with homesickness when you arrive.  Of course there is all the practical information about visas and red tape, how to tie up loose ends before you go and what to take with you to YNC (Your New Country), but the extra advice about the less documented, emotional side of moving abroad is honest and refreshing.

The book is set out in a chronological style, taking the reader all the way from choosing a country to move to, to making friends when you’ve settled in.  Quizzes, check lists and questionnaires are interspersed by the author’s own real-life emigration fairy tale (complete with happy Australia based ending) and some funny, original illustrations.  It covers all the little details that you might not think of otherwise (like what to include in your hand luggage), but that really make a difference to the emigration process.  Regardless of where in the world you’re moving to, this book will prove indispensable at every stage of the journey.


The Sensible Girl's Guide to Emigrating Elegantly


Where can I find it? A range of book shops (including Waterstones), however I purchased mine from Amazon  for £7.49.

Good Points: Everything about this book is fantastic, however the checklists are particularly useful.  Whether it’s what to pack, how to sort out your healthcare or what you should have sorted two weeks before you go, they’re incredibly comprehensive and you will definitely use them.

Bad Points: If you’re a girl, none. If you’re a boy you will probably consider this book confusing, unnecessary and downright bizarre; that’s why it’s not for you.


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