Useful Resources #2 – Facebook

In 2010 living one’s life through social networking is commonplace, so it was no surprise when I stumbled across a number of Facebook groups that really have aided the entire working holiday process.

BUNAC Work Canada (Official Page)

The official BUNAC Work Canada page is maintained by BUNAC, and is a useful starting point for information about the application process, BUNAC deadlines and finding out what else is out there.

BUNAC Work Canada (Official Page)

Where can I find it?

Good Points: As its run by BUNAC, this page is a good place to ask questions that you’d like an official answer to, and also keep up to date with ‘official’ news and updates.

Bad Points: It’s not used that much, particularly the discussion boards, but this could be because of the existence of the below…

BUNAC Work Canada (Independent Group)

This is an independent group monitored by a fellow BUNACer, and is particularly useful for asking questions about the less ‘official’ things, like what to take, where to live and whether your iPhone will work.   The discussion forums in particular are incredibly well used, often by current/ex BUNACers who have been there, done that, and given useful, relevant and most importantly impartial advice.

BUNAC Work Canada (Independent Group)

Where can I find it?

Good Points: The best bit about this group is the discussion threads that appear for each group flight, for example ‘January group flight to Vancouver’.  Once you know which flight you’re going to be on make sure you find yours and get to know your fellow travellers months in advance.

Bad Points: There’s so much information on this group that it can take a long time to sort through all the old threads and find what you’re looking for, but other than that it’s perfect!

SWAP Vancouver

SWAP stands for Student Work Abroad Programmes, and as BUNAC’s partner organisation in Canada they provide full support before and during your working holiday.  This comes in the form of walk-in centres in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, orientation talks and jobs and accommodation listings, as well as organised social events and excursions.

SWAP Vancouver Group

Where can I find it?

Good Points: Joining this group is a great way to get a taste of the social events and trips on offer as these are all advertised here, and other SWAPpers use the site to let everyone else know about jobs, places to rent or items for sale in Vancouver.

Bad Points: You have to request to join the group which can be off putting, and as the discussion threads aren’t used much you’ll spend most of your time trawling through posts on the main feed.


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