Useful Resources #1 – craigslist

Now I know I’ll be winging my way to Vancouver in less than three months, most of my spare time is spent trawling through the mecca of job adverts, classifieds and downtown condos for rent that is craigslist.  It’s a bit like our Gumtree, but with less weirdos.

In terms of housing, it’s a far bigger deal than Gumtree as Canada doesn’t really have lettings agents like we do in the UK.  Anyone with a flat/house to rent or a room to sublet advertises on craigslist (and most of them have pictures), so it’s the perfect place to check out what’s affordable in the areas you’d like to live in.

Craigslist, Vancouver BC

It’s also useful for job vacancies, more so in the tourism/retail/hospitality industries than the professional sectors, though be wary of any ‘jobs’ that sound too good to be true – just like in the UK they probably are.

Where do I find it?

Good points: One-stop shop for everything you need in Vancouver, from furniture to yoga clubs.  Great for getting to know the city before you arrive, both in terms of ‘serious’ research, and inspirational fun!

Bad points: You do still seem to get the odd shifty post so all the usual internet rules apply (don’t part with any money until you’ve seen the flat/item, don’t meet up with anyone by yourself). Make sure you’ve done your research and know which neighbourhoods you want to live in before searching for housing, otherwise a long list of houses and neighbourhoods can prove more confusing than helpful.


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I'm originally from the UK and have been working and living the dream in Vancouver, BC, since January 2011. I am a firm believer in travel, good cheese, volunteering and community engagement.

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